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Lumbini is a very important place in Nepal because Shakyamuni Buddha was born here. Ever since his birth which was more than 2,500 years ago, Buddhism has spread in Nepal and the entire Indian sub-continent. There are a few places of tourist interest in Lumbini. These include a garden which has been restored along with some ancient stupas and protected monuments. You can also witness the large stone pillar which was erected by the Indian Emperor Asoka the Great in the year 250 B.C. It bears testimony to the fact that Buddha was born here.

You can also visit the temple of Maya Devi which has an important stone image that depicts the birth of Buddha while his mother Queen Maya Devi holds a branch in her hand. Apart from this, you can find here a garden, an artificial forest and other important structures. Lumbini is considered to be an extremely sacred place by the Buddhists. Do not forget to visit Kapilvastu which is situated close to Lumbini. This place has tremendous historical importance and is a favorite haunt for historians and archeologists. Kapilvastu is the place where Buddha had spent his initial years. You will find here the ruins of the ancient royal palace. Till date, archeologists have been able to discover 13 layers that reveal human habitation which dates back to the 8th century B.C.

Apart from the historical significance that is associated with Lumbini, the place has many other interesting activities in offer for you. To begin with, you can visit the Monday bazaar that takes place every week. This market is a meeting ground for different traders and customers who come from different places in order to buy spices, grains, pottery items, saris, jewellery and other items. The wooden carts driven by ox, tea stalls and the bustling streets give the impression of an oriental bazaar of the middle Ages.

Lumbini provides travelers with quite a few good hotels, lodges and restaurants. You can stay here at a relatively cheap accommodation. Besides, the city has a good network of roads and has a domestic airport also.

Places to visit in Lumbini

 The Lumbini Garden: This is the site marked by a certain stone pillar erected by the Indian Emperor Ashoka at about 245 B.C. The most important discovery in this place is a stone marked to suggest the exact birthplace of Buddha.

Mayadevi Temple: This temple, dedicated to the mother of lord Buddha- Maya Devi, was excavated a few years ago. Many sculptures and carving in which the figures and designs are only slightly projecting from their background are seen here.

Pushkarni pond: This is the pond where Mayadevi is said to have had a bath before giving birth to Buddha.

Ramagram: It is believed to be the maternal home of Buddha. This is where we can see the biggest stupa, with important relics. It is said that it was built around 600 B.C.


Lumbini has many new monasteries occupied by different nations. Some notable ones are:

The Myanmar temple was built with the contribution from Burmese Buddhist. The monastery is an attractive big white structural monument with a golden pinnacle soaring into the sky.

The China temple, which is a very beautiful pagoda styled temple with many prayer and meditation cells.

The Korean Temple is a beautifully set temple having many remarkable images of Buddha.

Besides these, there are others like the Nepal Buddha Temple and the Dharma swami Buddhist monastery. Other countries like Japan, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Vietnam, etc. are also contributing to build more temples and monasteries

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